Repair Cafe


September 7


02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Sherwood Methodist Church

Devon Drive

Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG5 2EN

Hole in your jumper? Broken jewellery? Bike need a check-up? Smashed phone screen? Wobbly chair leg? Broken lamp? Want to learn how fix your broken or damaged things?

Come and meet the Nottingham Fixers who are a band of community volunteers ready to help you learn to repair your broken households items. We believe that there are many items that can repaired rather than be replaced or thrown away, and we want to ‘Share the Repair’ and involve you in the fixing.

So, bring your broken things to our fun event in the upstairs rooms of Sherwood Methodist Church, and have a cake and a drink in our pop-up cafe.

Stay in touch with us as we will announce which items we can fix as people come forward to volunteer to help.

Please note:
We’re happy to help you learn how to repair.
We are not repair professionals and the event is a community self-repair space.
Attending means that you take responsibility for your own item. Please back up your data on any devices bring charging cables as relevant.

One item per person: extra items are admitted at the discretion of the host depending on the busyness of the event.

Children are welcome and must be supervised at all time.

Donations are gratefully received and support our work!

Buses: Lime and Purple lines, Bingham Road stop. There is street parking near to the Church.

See you soon,
Nottingham Fixers

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