When you arrive at our repair cafe you will be checked in. We’ll record the type of item you have bought in so that we can keep statistics on the types of repairs which are most in demand and our successful repair rate. Depending on what time you arrive and the number of customers, there could be a short wait before a suitable repairer is free. We do our best to keep this waiting time to a minimum, but there is a cafe area where you can get a hot drink and some delicious homemade cake.

When an appropriate repairer is free you are invited to sit with him/her and help with the repair. The repairer will explain what is happening so it’s also a chance for you to learn and pick up some new practical skills.

If your possession is irreparable – and unfortunately sometimes this is the case – the reasons for this will be fully explained. If there are parts needed we’ll try and assist with where to source them and you’re welcome to bring the item back to our next cafe to complete the repair.