Nottingham Fixers

Dont't Replace, REPAIR!

Nottingham Fixers

Nottingham Fixers are a group of volunteers who want to fix rather than throw away. We bring people together to share repair skills at Repair Cafe events so we can reduce the amount of fixable items that are thrown away.

Just a few generations ago the norm would be to make things last, to repair them, or if that wasn’t possible, to use them for spare parts. But society has changed, and manufacturers have been quick to take advantage of that change. Often products have built in obsolescence, or require specialist tools, or are simply too expensive to have repaired by the manufacturer.

That’s where our repair cafes come in. Our highly competent fixers have successfully repaired clocks, bikes, radios, sewing machines, lamps, clothes, chairs and much more!

See our events page for more information about upcoming repair cafes. To find out how it all works see our visit page. If you want to support our work you can make a donation here.